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Poppy Field

Body and Brain Together


"Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders" ( 

Do you ever think back on a past memory and wonder why you feel so activated or filled with emotion after so much time has passed? A part of your brain is able to tell you it's an old memory that happened in the past and yet, your feeling body continues to feel the experience as if it happened yesterday? 

This is the experience of trauma stored in the body and mind. Traumatic experiences and memories activate the part of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system is the emotional brain. EMDR is a modality that supports the 'movement' of traumatic memories from one area of the brain to another allowing normal healing to occur. 

All individuals have an adaptive information processing system. Trauma can disrupt the adaptive processes storing memories and experiences in a maladaptive way. EMDR allows us to clear out the past, make room for the present and future, and store memories in an adaptive way. This occurs through the use of bilateral stimulation or dual attention stimulus and identification of emotions, body sensations, and thoughts. 

If you are seeking additional information about EMDR please visit: 



Contact me at 720-441-4745 or to set up a phone consultation. 

-Free initial phone consultation for an opportunity to speak with one another, discuss any questions you may have, and briefly address what brings you to therapy at this time of your life. 

-Rate per session of $135
-Rate for services is based on 50-minute therapeutic session. Longer sessions are an option and can be arranged.
-I do not take insurance at this time. Out of Network is an option. 

*A Good Faith Estimate explaining how much your care will cost is available upon request. 

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