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Reveal Your Authentic Self


Are your old patterns no longer working for you? Do you feel stuck and desire growth? Do you strive to feel more connected to others? Let's explore what you need in order to move from old, habitual patterns into new ways of being and interacting with the world. I've experienced patterns that I had since childhood no longer work in relationships as I moved into adulthood and motherhood. Challenging life events occurred and there were times I wasn't sure how to cope and move forward. Seeking support with a therapist helped me to:
~develop awareness of patterns in my life that were no longer working,
~learn healthy ways to communicate, and be present and safe in relationships,

~discover my innate need for love and connection,
~create a relationship with myself and other through body awareness and mindfulness,

~love and accept all parts of myself, 

~develop a relationship with my younger selves, 

~show up fully (enough) as a mother and partner, 
~help me to find my spiritual path and journey.

You are not alone on this journey. We are all hardwired for love and connection. It's in the moments of connection with one another where we heal. 


Most, if not all, people experience 'trauma' on some level. 'Trauma' exists on a spectrum, looking and feeling different for every person. The effects of trauma on individual's physical, emotional, social, or spiritual well-being also varies person to person. Trauma is defined as "experiences or situations that are physically devastating, and/or emotionally painful and distressing, and that overwhelm people's coping mechanisms, leaving them feeling out of control and powerless" (Genevieve Yellin, Sundara Yoga Therapy, 2017).


The trauma is the experience that stays with us, stuck in our bodies, after the event has occurred. As children, we create adaptations in order to survive. When young, the adaptations are brilliant and provide us safety in the moment. As we get older, the adaptations can result in disconnection, emotional dysregulation, mistrust, messages that we don't deserve love and intimacy, isolation. The therapeutic relationship creates potential for a new experience where one feels connected, loved, and understood. Within that space, there is a corrective experience healing and binding mind, body, and soul. 

Contact me at 720-441-4745 or to set up your phone consultation. 

-Free initial phone consultation for an opportunity to speak with one another, discuss any questions you may have, and briefly address what brings you to therapy at this time of your life. 

-Rate per session of $135
-Rate for services is based on 50-minute therapeutic session. Longer sessions are an option and can be arranged.
-I do not take insurance at this time. Out of Network is an option. 

*A Good Faith Estimate explaining how much your care will cost is available upon request. 

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