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Self-Care During The Holidays

Are you feeling depleted this time of year? I have to remind myself about the importance of self-care, slowing down, and using my "no" during the holiday season. It is easy for me to give, give, give and forgot about receiving in all the chaos the holiday season brings. Don't get me wrong, I love the get togethers, times with family and friends, delicious food to eat, lights to see, etc, and I notice I need to pay extra attention to my needs in all the holiday cheer. The first step for me is slowing down. Slowing down enough for me to tap into my internal experience to recognize how I feel, what I need, and how to move forward with honoring myself. This is a challenging step for me. I like t

Child's Pose, Happy Baby: Invite Kids to Practice Yoga!

I know I benefit from child's pose more often than not... well yes, everyday! In 5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses to Help Children Cultivate Patience, Erika Prafder speaks to the benefit of yoga to help children regulate and cope in their environment, especially during times of travel and chaos. Check out the link and article below to learn more about yoga poses that help children deal with stress and cultivate self-expression! Enjoy your holiday season and remember as adults it's also important to practice self-care to help regulate and handle stress during busy times. Sending love, Stacey

What is Mindfulness and Why is Everyone Talking About it?

I was not familiar with the term "mindfulness" until I entered graduate school at Naropa University. Before that time, I heard mindfulness used in yoga classes and teachings, but it wasn't until my studies at Naropa that I began to learn the meaning of mindfulness, practice mindfulness, and down right love it! A big piece for me was the practice. Practice of present moment awareness, slow motion, a slowing down I was not used to. As I practiced, I felt the shift for me, from unconscious functioning to conscious functioning. My eyes were opened, all my senses expanded, my experience grew larger, I developed a deeper relationship with myself, my body, and with those around me. Let me tell you,


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